Netanyahu’s reaction to Gabriel’s decison.


Sigmar Gabriel’s action in the state visit to Israel could be seen as akin to a similar attitude demonstrated by Netanyahu in his visit to Germany. During this visit. Netanyahu chose to meet with German NGOs investigating German soldiers for war crimes in Afghanistan rather than meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

What makes Gabriel’s choice however aggravating is the fact that his visit was part of Germany’s participation in Holocaust Memorial Day. Interestingly, Gabriel’s father was a known avowed Nazi until his death in 2012, at the age of 91. Though this does not conclude him as Nazi, it should have made him all the more sensitive.index

We must however know that, Gabriel’s choice was made after a week of exchanges between himself and Netanyahu’s office. In other words, Gabriel’s choice was Germany’s choice to prefer blatant anti-Israel NGOs over the elected Prime Minister of Israel.

The two organizations he met with are B’Tzelem and Breaking the Silence, groups that exist only to vilify Israel. Germany is supporting these organizations with millions of euros, thus blatantly interfering in Israel’s internal affairs. For too long now, Israel has turned a blind eye to foreign governments’ intervention. These are attempts to make Israel capitulate to the European radical left agenda, an agenda that geared toward antisemitism.

Eldad Beck, a journalist who lived for many years in Germany, well versed in German politics, wrote for the Mida news portal that Sigmar’s was deliberate and a well calculated provocation of Israel.

“Anyone claiming that the German Foreign Minister didn’t know about the explosive nature of his meeting with Breaking the Silence and B’Tzelem,” writes Beck, “is throwing dust in your eyes. The German government, German political parties and private and government funds are among the largest supporters of [Israeli] left-wing organizations.”

Given this background, Netanyahu, for the first time, has drawn a clear red line: “My policy is clear,” he said, “not to meet with diplomats who visit Israel and engage with organizations that slander Israeli soldiers and seek to have them put on trial as war criminals.”

Commenting on Netanyahu’s decision to cancel the meeting with him, Sigmar misled observers by legitimizing subversive organizations claiming these are civil organizations, some of which are critical of the government. He also said that “we do not want to enter the Israeli political game.”

What Sigmar would not state was the names of these “civil organizations” that Germany supports. These are the most radical, not civil, but political NGOs disguised as civil organizations.

According to NGO Monitor, Germany supports organizations engaged in legal warfare and advancing boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. Among those receiving money from Germany are the “Women’s Coalition for Peace,” “Physicians for Human Rights,” and “Zochrot” – an organization calling for the return of all Palestinian refugees to Israel (in other words, Israel’s destruction).

Germany also supports Palestinian organizations like Miftah, which has accused Israel of apartheid, cultural genocide and war crimes.

Breaking: Putin Wins Election In France

MOSCOW — Several high ranking FSB officials have confirmed that President Vladimir Putin has triumphed in the first round of France’s presidential race, and is projected to win the second, third, fourth and fifth rounds as well.

Reports were that midday turnout for the first round has been less than thirty (30) percent, perhaps because French people may have projected a lasting hack in their democracy by the Russian leader.

In a brief statement given at the Kremlin, Putin expressed that he was honored to serve as France’s next president and looked forward to annexing all their baguettes.

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Editorial Digest by Noah Anum-Satsi

Israel Remembers The Holocaust

indexYesterday marked the beginning of a week of memory and commemoration in Israel. April 24 is Holocaust Memorial Day, and next week on May 1 begins Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers which would conclude with the celebrations of Independence Day on May 2.

I have often wondered why we spend so much time reliving these heartbreaking events? Surely the people who lived through these traumas do not need a day to remember, they live everyday with memories.

During memorial days my grandfather would take me to visit the graves of his friends and loved ones. He pointed out the people he knew from the town where he grew up; a man who helped build the local synagogue, the butcher who lived across from the Jewish community center. Each grave marked with a Jewish star represented a unique life, a life that had left its mark on my grandfather.

In honoring these people, my grandfather left an indelible mark on me. I was reminded that we stand here today because of the sacrifices of so many who are no longer with us.

Yesterday,  Israel as a nation joined in these commemorative events across the country, in schools, at war monuments and in cemeteries. Tears were shed, prayers prayed and stones placed on graves with flags raised in honor of those were lost in wars and a holocaust over the past century. Friends and family came together to tell the stories and recall the bravery, and the pain, of loved ones we can never forget.

Soon, in just a few short years, there will not be any survivors left to tell their stories. We feel their absence, for they are no longer here to give us direction, fill leadership roles in our communities, or extend comforting hugs.

This week, as we marvel at the spring season of rebirth, it is good that we also find time to renew the memory of the untold sacrifices of those who made it possible for us to enjoy our lives. It is good that we bring our children to Memorial Day events, read the names on the plaques and think about the families that were forever changed by the lives and the losses of their loved ones, and shake the hand of a young soldier in appreciation.

They have earned our eternal gratitude.

Bokova Declares Jerusalem as Israeli Capital.

Irina Bokova, the director-general of UNESCO, which last year passed a motion denying the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, shocked many last week when she publicly affirmed the Jews’ historic connection to the Holy City.

“In the Torah, Jerusalem is the capital of King David, where Solomon built the Temple and placed the Ark of the Covenant,” Bokova reminded the European Parliament in a session on Thursday.

“The protection of the heritage of Jerusalem is part of a broader vision for peace and the fight against all forms of denial of Jewish history, delegitimization of Israel and anti-Semitism,” she continued.

No doubt Bokova will soon be facing a tidal wave of outrage from the Muslim world, which in recent years has tried to rewrite history and erase the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

Leading the charge are the Palestinian Arabs, who today insist there never was a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, and that the Israelis are foreign occupiers in this city.

Israel Develops Newer Weapons

Israel this week officially unveiled a not-so-secret secret weapon it has been working on with the US defense industry for some years.

The entry into service of the David’s Sling anti-missile system completes Israel’s multi-tier missile shield.

Already for years the Iron Dome has been protecting southern Israel from short-range rockets and mortar shells.

The Arrow system recently went into service to defend Israel against long-range ballistic missiles. It was utilized a week ago to defend Israeli warplanes on a mission over Syria from enemy anti-aircraft.

David’s Sling is intended to fill the gap between the Iron Dome and the Arrow by knocking down the type of medium-range missiles of which Lebanon’s Hezbollah is believed to have tens of thousands.

With this multi-tier missile shield in place, Israel’s enemies are unlikely to do much damage to her, but would not survive a serious Israeli counterattack.

And that’s why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned during the ceremony for the David’s Sling:

“Whoever tries to strike us will be hit, those that threaten our existence put themselves in existential danger.”

The footage below is an excerpt from one of the secret weapon development discovered early on in the year.



Right-Winged Government, Best for Israel

There’s growing talk of early elections in Israel (not that that’s anything new), but yet another poll shows that all that’d be accomplished would be to further solidify Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s mandate to govern.index

According to the monthly Peace Index conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute, an overwhelming 70 percent majority of Israelis want a right-wing, conservative government.

A mere 24 percent want a left-wing government.

And while Netanyahu’s Likud wouldn’t necessarily emerge with a clear majority of its own, there is little, if any, doubt that it would remain the strongest of the right-wing parties.

And that means Netanyahu would would almost certainly remain prime minister.

Netanyahu on Israeli mainstream media

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday attacked Israel’s mainstream media for being an “industry of depression.”

He made this known at a toast held in his Jerusalem office premises. Netanyahu blasted the left-leaning press for constantly focusing on, and in his view exaggerating Israeli socioeconomic problems while ignoring Israel’s successes.

Netanyahu speculatively sees this type of coverage as part of an ongoing media effort to sabotage his premiership and smear him personally.

Long at odds with Israel’s mainstream media, Netanyahu recently ramped up the tension by pushing through legislation that would further privatize the state-run press and open the door to greater competition.

“I would like to see more competition, more diversity, more pluralism. The last thing I want is the opposite of that. The press is not diverse enough, does not reflect the public’s feelings,” said the prime minister.

Those elements of the mainstream media that draw their salaries from taxpayers’ money see this as a direct assault, and in response have accused Netanyahu of trying to limit freedom of the press in Israel.

Netanyahu has retorted by noting the overwhelming criticism to which he is treated in most of the Israeli media, and that this is done freely and without repercussion.


Israeli website, most popular in the world!

170331_chinaThe website of the Israeli Embassy in China on the Chinese social network (Wibu) is the most popular of all foreign embassies with 1.9 million followers. The US Embassy has only 1 million followers.

Foreign embassies in China do not understand how the Israeli embassy achieved this popularity.

The Wibu social media network has 600 million registered users of which around 300 million are active.

The Israeli Embassy in China has 1.9 million followers, in second place and very far behind the Israeli Embassy is the Canadian Embassy with 1.13 million followers with the US Embassy in China in third place with 1.035 million followers, almost half those of Israel. In fourth place is the Brazilian embassy with half a million followers, in fifth place is the Japanese embassy with less than half a million followers, followed by South Korea with 396,000, Cuba with 289,000, France was in ninth spot with 255,000, and the Russian embassy was in 10th place 167,000.

An article entitled “What’s new in Wibu” tried to analyze what makes the Israeli embassy in China so popular. The answer given is that in general Chinese citizens have a very positive attitude towards Israel. In addition, activities of the Embassy in Beijing and the Consulate General in Shanghai were widely appreciated. One of them was when the Shanghai Consulate published a video clip of hundreds of Israelis (including Prime Minister Netanyahu) holding up signs in Chinese thanking the Chinese people for the shelter they gave the Jews during World War II. After past Israeli president Shimon Peres passed away, half a million followers visited the embassy site and recorded their condolences hailing Peres as a great friend of China.

Several articles about the Israeli Embassy were published in the Chinese media and by several leading Chinese bloggers.

Among other things, the Israeli Embassy website offers, pictures of the Golan Heights, pictures of Tel Aviv at night, pictures of the Old City of Jerusalem, historical information about Israel, a list of the most popular names in Israel, an explanation of Chanukah and donuts, photos of extinguishing the fires that recently ravaged Israel, many posts on Israeli innovation, explanations regarding the operation of Shabbat elevators, explanations why Israeli cows produce the most milk per cow in the world, posts about the Israeli culinary scene, posts about Chinese bloggers visiting the country and more.

The site is meticulous in maintaining contact with its followers and also conducts award-winning campaigns, advertises sets of Dead Sea products, Israeli wine, magnets, tickets for Israeli cultural events and even airline tickets to Israel. Among other things, the site ran a quiz with questions such as how many Israeli cities the Chinese followers know, their favorite Israeli dishes, etc.

As part of the launch of the 10-year visa agreement between Israel and China last November, a number of participants were flown to Israel in an online campaign, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, El Al, Hainan and Dan Hotels. The embassy asked visitors to send videos explaining Israel. In response, hundreds of videos were received, from which four winners were chosen and provided with an air ticket and a stay in an Israeli hotel.


Veep Pence on Israel at AIPAC

US Vice President Mike Pence said yesterday in a speech before the annual AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) conference that President Donald Trump is seriously considering moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In front of 18,000 participants in the conference, Pence said, “After decades of simply talking about it, the POTUS is giving serious consideration to moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem!”

He said, “If the world knows nothing else, the world will know this, America stands with Israel!” He went on to say that, “in President Trump America has a leader that will call their enemies by their name. The US administration is planning to defeat radical Islam so it can no longer threaten our people, allies or our most cherished ally Israel!”

Pence promised that the United Nations would no longer serve as an instrument and forum against the Jewish state. He then congratulated the new Israeli ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, whose appointment had been approved by the Senate following a narrow vote last Thursday. Friedman would deepen the American relations with Israel even more, it was an honor for him to sworn him as the new ambassador in Israel.



Land Issues In Jerusalem

A new housing project planned in the town of Efrat south of Jerusalem overcame the last major hurdle recently, when Arab claims to the land were exposed as false.

The claim made by an Arab resident of the nearby village of Al-Khader delayed construction of the housing project by more than a year, blocking all work on the neighborhood, which is planned to include 50 homes.

According to an Israel Radio report, a court proved that that the Arab claimant had no basis of ownership, and that the claim on the land was entirely false.

The project was organized by the future residents themselves, who commissioned a contractor to build the 50 homes. Members of the group had already invested vast amounts into the project and the year-long delay caused the prospective homeowners huge amounts of monetary loss.

After the status of the land selected for the project had been carefully checked, the group obtained building permits and work began preparing the plots for construction.

This was when an Al-Khader resident registered a complaint with authorities claiming ownership of the land. But it turned out, the man’s only claim to the land was a small grove of trees he had planted on a plot he never owned.

Its high time the United Nations as a body sets its foot into the middle east land crisis!


Noah Anum-Satsi contributed.