Yom HaZikaron ends today.

imagesAt sundown today the final ceremonies of Memorial Day – Yom HaZikaron would be held. And then Independence Day begins thereafter. The flags are returned to full mast and Independence Day begins. It must be known that, it is no coincidence that Israel celebrates her independence day right after the day of remembrance of her fallen soldiers who guaranteed her freedom.

Israel is relatively young since emergence as modern nation-state. Yet, even at such a young period of existence, Israel has already survived bloody wars and however, by the grace of God recorded remarkable achievements. Some of which include;

– Being the only democracy in the Middle East.

– Having the highest number of academics per capita worldwide.

– With more than 3,000 high-tech companies, the country, in proportion to its size, has more start-up companies than any other nation.

– Israel stands out with inventions like the USB stick, 3-D printers, treatments for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

– And occupying the second place worldwide for per capita publication of books.

– She has produced nine Nobel Prize winners and managed to transform barren deserts into flowering farmland in record time.

This being just a few of the divine successes of the relatively small region, highly contested land, yet Israel exists and lives!

Mazal Tov Israel and congratulations! May you stay united, flourish and never forget who holds His hand over your existence!


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