Plagiarism Among African Leaders

It is very devastating yet encouraging to note Presidents on the continent of Africa practice plagiarism in speech writing for national events. Plagiarism is simply the practice of intellectual theft; involving the usage of ideas of others without acknowledgement of the originator of the idea. It is intellectual theft. No big deal about that! It is true that we live in a world where everything is seen as a rebrand of an ancient prototype, thus, nothing is supposedly new. Implying basically that, no idea is new! Perhaps true! However, a lack of acknowledgement of the originator is a bad practice!
It is devastating that presidents on the African continent should be involved in any act of plagiarism. These are leaders of a generation that is upcoming. A generation that deserves something new to cope with in this ever unfolding world. It is good to look behind into the past for ideas and guides. Yes, that is the reason for history; as a guide to the future. But then, this does not mean you should fail to acknowledge the original bearer of an idea or thought. It is a bad sign of leadership for the African- as a developing continent. In Africa, we are taught the essence of honor. Honor is the reason why in a typical African home, children are not allowed to sit in the seats of their fathers. Honor is the reason why, fathers are respected in the African community. And the aged, regarded as golden! Our leaders should learn to replicate this value of the African in such high capacities; as leaders.
It is however also encouraging in the sense that, this shows the intellectual inclination of our leaders. As a developing continent, we need much intellectuals to be in charge of affairs that would push the upcoming generation into development. No illiterate can plagiarize! And thus, it is only after reading that, there can ever be an issue of plagiarism. So, lets be encouraged as youths of Africa for these signs in our leadership. Our leaders are really pushing up to become the best! They are reading to upgrade themselves. That’s quiet encouraging. Let’s be hopeful! I encourage us all to look on the brighter side of these things despite the shortfalls.
To conclude my take on this issue, plagiarism is not a good thing. And it should never be defended, not by any excuses as President Buhari and the secretary of Ghana’s newly sworn president are making. Oversight is an excuse but it is shear acknowledgement of laziness. Its simply not a good example for the upcoming generation. Take, a president plagiarizes then what of a student? Its should never be supported. Not even in its slightest state!
Honor must be given to whom honor is due! Plagiarism is bad. And should be left as such!

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