The Plane Which Never Moved!

I have been on campus for a period of approximately  one year. Coming to the University of Science and Technology was such a great feeling. I only imagined that day when I was finally matriculated into the university, it was October 7th.
Along with my freshman year colleagues, we jubilated over the new anthem we had come across on campus KNUST.
It was such an awesome moment singing ‘Gaudeamus’.

A Picture of the air plane discovered on the school’s website

Prior to coming to campus KNUST, I took time to do a few research about the maiden university for technologies.
There I discovered a picture of an air plane on the institution’s website. It really fascinated me to know ‘my university’ was actually producing cars which could move in the air.
However, surprisingly, I stepped on the campus only to realise jokes about the production of airplanes by KNUST students. Hoping these jokes could be false, I probed some engineering students I have as friends only to be confirmed that these jokes were actually truths communicated in hilarious ways.
Well, that sound real disappointing to me so I further inquired why it was so. And they told me, the metals used for the constructions were way heavy. So I guess, now am clarified!

Well, its an old issue. Perhaps to some of us but then  what are the authorities doing about this?
Well, I personally cannot suggest what could be done about this but am sure something could be done about that.
We are a university for science and technology. That means a lot and am honestly doing my best to look at the positive side of KNUST. And hope to see a change in the trend. To become the university for science and technology.
At the moment, we are only functioning as the university of science, short of technology!

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