Trump And Clinton

Well, from my end of the world, its already November 8th and I must say today is going to be really remarkable. Perhaps not just in the history of America but also in world history.
Now the race is set and Americans are being called to the poll-to cast their vote as an expression of their democratic power.
Well, I must say, this is the part of democracy that really interests me. Guess why, because over here, a farmer’s vote is equally as important as the doctor’s vote and also, a lad’s (fresh 18-year olds) vote equally balances the power that an 80-year old’s vote may carry.
It sounds fascinating but in actual fact, it has generated lots of controversies in world politics as to the potency of democracy being the best form government. Well, I’d like to leave that for may be another time.
So, United States of America goes to the poll! In the concluding national preparatory polls carried out indicates that Hillary Clintons leads as 45% as against trailing Trump at 41%. Well, this sounds real good to supporters of the Democrats.

So lets look at the individual candidates in this whole race so far.


Donald Trump, United States Presidential aspirant, 2016

Candidate Trump has over and over again proven his strength. Right from the start of the race, Donald J. Trump has gained popularity from among the Whites, the uneducated whites and amongst senior citizens of the US with his popular slogan: ‘Make America Great Again’. Looking on, we see that he had come under great pressures during  these last few weeks only to be relieved by the Federal Bereau of Investigations’ reopening of the Clinton email allegations with newer probings into the case. So this is a briefing of Candidate Trump.


Hillary Clinton- United States Presidential aspirant, 2016

Looking at Candidate Hillary, I see one who is shrouded in too much issues. Her past indulgences are just rising up, piercing her as she forces her way through here campaign trails. At any point on the campaign uprising, allegations just rise up to her.
Her popularity is just among Afro-Americans (not all though), probably, since she is got Obama on her campaign team, also amongst young voters and women.
Well, from these developments in the United States presidential race, we see Hillary as a favorite. Since we may consider her to be liked among the major proportions of the populace.
But lets not forget the toughness of Donald Trump. How well he has managed these pressures is just enough to win people’s over.
I personally see a leader in Trump. He expresses trails of someone who is ready to learn. And thats the basic of any good leader.

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