The Muslim Question!

Today, hopefully would be a memorable day on campus KNUST. A said Islamic scholar from the United States of America, leader and founder of the Zaitun Daawa Institute, by name Muhammed Awal.
He is scheduled to handle the topic ‘The Truth About Jesus–Islam Uncovers’. This has built up tensions on campus KNUST between the Islamic community on campus and the professing Christians. Well, this tension is not all visible on the grounds but it the struggle is really visible on the social media. With posts titled, ‘Did You Know, Mary the mother of Jesus is the Best woman according to the Qur’an?’ from the Islamic side.wp_ss_20161021_0003 (2).png

And ‘The Truth About Jesus’, a series initiated clearly as a protest to the Islamic topic from the Christian body on campus.

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Clearly we can see the friction here on campus concerning these developments.
The end of today would surely see the face of a new morning in the relationship between the Muslim brethren and the Christian community.

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