The Model

Coming to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology has given me the opportunity to discover new aspects to society.
This institution has offered me the chance to appreciate certain things I had for long been a severe abolitionist of.

I had always seen society to be equal. It always grieved me to see a society full of classes.

Honestly, I believe in a classless society, a society where everyone is at par in regards to knowledge and information.

Coming to this institution has really helped me redefine my terms though I have not totally left that arena. However, I now seek to develop a new sense of purpose.
One that may probably be realistic-as in the literal meaning of the word.

One outstanding thing learnt from this Great institution is the truth that, we are all not equal. And that, a classless society is conceptual!
Looking at the modern world and how sophisticated it’s getting, we just have to look into the future with all Hope and optimism. Casting down any kind of pessimistic attitude.

In regards to that, I see KNUST as the model institution in the world( I dare to say so) for the realisation of the model world we all are hoping for.

Arise Ghana
Arise Africa
Let the world Arise!

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